Treehouse Kids

Our Sunday morning worship service for elementary age students (K-5) is called Treehouse Kids! We sing familiar praise songs, play games, make crafts, and learn valuable, biblical lessons that apply to life in elementary school, all in a safe and fun environment. This takes place during the 11:15 a.m. worship service every Sunday.
Your child’s safety is a high priority, so be sure to register them at the Check-In Desk at the top of the stairs. Your child will receive a name tag with an ID number, and you will be given a pick up tag with your child’s ID.  Please remember to have your pick up tag ready when you come to pick up your child.
Please note that your child will be very active while in Treehouse Kids, so please take that into consideration when picking out clothes to wear (shorts under dresses for girls/no tuxedos for boys, for example).
TreeHouse Kids is where kids discover who God is and what he means in their life. The curriculum that we use is based on Luke 2:52 which says “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”
Just like Jesus, we want our kids to grow in wisdom and learn to make the wise choice. We want them to grow in favor with God and learn that they can trust him no matter what. And we want them to grow in favor with man and learn that they need to treat others the way that they want to be treated.
We aim to partner with parents to accomplish this goal. Each month, we provide resources that you can use to continue teaching your child spiritual truths at home. For more information, visit the Check-in Desk or contact Evan Hardwick.
We are in need of some happy, smiling volunteers to man our check-in desk upstairs in the Children’s Area and greet parents and children as they check-in.
There is no experience required. Training is very simple. The job requires a time commitment of one Sunday a month. Contact Evan Hardwick if you are interested!