randy-circleRandy Beard
Senior Minister
Serving at KHCC since: June 1994
Graduate of: Cincinnati Christian University, 
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Family: Randy married his wife Rhonda in 1980; they have two grown children, Ryan and Rayanne, and two grandchildren, Arthur and Rosemary.
A few of my favorite things: the Green Bay Packers, camping, and the Andy Griffith Show.
Adam Wilson
Worship Minister
Serving at KHCC since: August 2007
Graduate of: Johnson University Florida
Family: Adam married Vanessa in 2003; they adopted their daughter, Ellie, in October 2017.
A few of my favorite things: cars, guitars, and anything outdoors.
Alex Idle
Student Minister
Serving at KHCC since: July 2016
Graduate of : Kentucky Christian University
Family: Alex married his wife Lindsey in 2013 and they have two children, Noah and Lela.
A few of my favorite things: Watching and going to sporting events, relaxing days with family, and meeting new people.
Vanessa Wilson
Office Manager
Serving at KHCC since: August 2008
Family: Adam and Vanessa were married in 2003, and adopted their daughter, Ellie, in October 2017.
A few of my favorite things: art & design, old movies, reading, and all things Disney.