Many times in the New Testament the Christian life is referred to as a “walk”. Whether you’ve never walked with Jesus, used to walk with Jesus, or have been walking with Jesus for decades, there is always a next step to take. At Kenwood Heights Christian Church, we want to help you take that next step.
If you are already walking with Jesus and would like to take the next step, use these studies below to take the next step toward a more authentic relationship with Jesus and others.

We all have a spiritual appetite as part of our makeup as human beings. In fact, this yearning for spiritual fulfillment is a constant in our daily life. The question is, where is our hunger being directed? If we are not hungry for the presence and purposes of God, then you can be sure we are hungry for something else. GOD HUNGER is a series of meditations designed to awaken our passion for God’s presence. It is an invitation to allow ourselves be transformed into more passionate, radical followers of Jesus, by His grace.

Psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Les Parrott provides a revolutionary path to success in the ultimate human challenge: truly loving other people. Let’s be honest. How many times have you fallen short at being a good friend, a wise parent, or a self-giving spouse because you didn’t love–truly love–at the highest level? It’s tough. We’re bound to fail. The bar is so high, especially if you aspire to love like Jesus. But it’s not impossible. In Love Like That , Dr. Parrott takes the latest findings from sociology and psychology and blends them with biblical understanding to reveal practical and often counter-intuitive ways of loving like never before. He breaks them down into five factors–being mindful, being approachable, being a grace-giver, being vulnerable, and being empathetic–and shows how to practice them in daily life. The result will be deeply fulfilling and meaningful connections with nearly anyone you encounter–but especially in the relationships that matter most.

Knowing God’s heart changes everything. His love draws us in. His power fills our hands and hearts with might. His redemption rewrites even the worst stories of our lives. In this 7-day plan, you’ll discover to greater depths the heart of your heavenly Father, and learn how to live your life as a response to his unceasing love.

*All studies are provided through YouVersion, a ministry of Life.Church, and have been reviewed by Kenwood Heights Christian Church.